Submitted on Wed, 07/27/2011 - 10:00

Fabio and Rafael da Silva are both in contention to start in the Champions League final against Barcelona. But the brothers have also recognised its comedy potential and have been known to switch shirts in Manchester United training.

Both Brazilians are right-footed, both have wedding rings. When Rafael was talking at Carrington this week, the only way to be sure it was him was by checking his shoes; his left, helpfully, has Rafael stitched into it (his right has Da Silva). Unless he’d borrowed his brother’s.

“I’ve got some marks on my face that Fabio hasn’t,’’ added Rafael. He had. It was Rafael.

Rafael is odds on to play tonight as Manchester United face another tough match - he has to be one of the best live bets to score a goal (providing he is actually in the team!)

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